Condominium & Homeowner Associations

We work closely with condominium and homeowner associations, helping them uphold property values and preserve the quality of their communities. You may not realize it, but your condominium is a multi-million-dollar asset. Your role on the Board of Directors includes responsibility for the maintenance, renovation and repair of the major components of your asset—such as the building envelope (roofs and walls), mechanical systems (plumbing, air conditioning, ventilation, elevators), electrical systems and the building property (yards, driveways, paths, landscaping, indoor and outdoor pools).


Traditionally, overseeing projects involving major condominium repair and renovation has been placed in the hands of property managers, Association committees and Board Members, none of whom could be expected to have the expertise required to manage such a project. Soliciting contractor bids, selecting the right contractor for the job, ensuring the correct permitting process, verifying compliance with specifications, quality control—these tasks require the expertise of a construction industry professional.


FALKE brings together the Association’s administrative team with the expertise of construction management professionals who, as the Association’s representatives, works solely in their best interest while overseeing the entire process, from design through completed construction.


FALKE services direct responsibility is to you, the client. We have no vested interest in the contractors, engineers or architects retained for your project. Our job is to make the best construction decisions for you. We will consider budget, contractor services and all other aspects of the job from start to finish. Our direct involvement helps ensure that your project will be successfully completed on time and within budget, with the proper materials and the highest standard for workmanship.


Past clients

South Pointe tower Miami Beach, FL

Devereux Manor Estates, Fairfax Station, VA

Fullerton Industrial Center, Springfield, VA