Helping those in need is serious business. That’s why we take helping you build quality, of extending a helping hand, we find meeting the construction needs of non-profit organizations particularly rewarding.

Your projects are often built on very tight budgets—sometimes even depending on future fund-raising to see a project through to completion. Also, you are very sensitive to the interests and concerns of donors and other constituents, even the media, requiring quality without extravagance.

FALKE ensures maximum value of each construction dollar through preconstruction services that focus on value management—evaluating the feasibility of a site, working with the design team to find cost efficiencies, reducing schedules (time is money), leveraging buying power and trouble-shooting to avoid conflicts in the field, which are much more costly to fix.

This, combined with FALKE’s track record of working successfully for public and private clients that demand the utmost in transparency and reporting, position us to adeptly and efficiently meet your construction needs.